Tuesday, October 23, 2007

image recognition

feeling plural

no longer one,
now these
myriad latent insanities
stings tiny

against weapons of
this- can’t- be

shots that never aim true

extruded, as we are, through
diaphanous excuse

enter muppet-stage
yes, heart
yes, indeed

I see, I see

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Spider Woes

this costumed wish to righteously give
what can only be had
by taking

places generosity within web
of irreconcilable

where opposing strings
resonate normal

you, not so in multiplicity
sane only
by liquifying former bugs,
and drinking mummies

Next on the Reading List

So, of late, gender considerations and definitions for me are being....well...redefined by, what I would consider, leaps and bounds. So I ask the Science Fiction writer in my class for a reading list that would help me to explore this world, while fictionally, more deeply. Beware of my spelling:

Lane of Heaven - Ursula Leguin
Hammered - Elizabeth Bear
Nightrunner (Trilogy) - Linn

In terms of my C# instruction. Not all human classes inherit from their base.