Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I have this one sweater with shredding sleeves, quite in the process of falling apart. In turns, I rip it a bit further, then tie the black ends back together. Depending on my mood, sometimes I just play with the strings like a gentle cat, neither destroying nor mending. I like the way the threads feel and I even highly enjoy the very idea of them. That they have taken the impact of endless countertops and desks, and have ruffled many a time against the computer keyboard. This is not an insight. This just is one of those other things.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Data Coupling, Ilities, and Software Design

I am currently reading "Software Design" by David Budgen and getting all sorts of insights into the field of software architecture, design, implementation, and management. My notes are filled with words that buzz around in my brain - including the ilities (quality factors like reliability, efficiency, maintainability, and usability). Which of course leads to a poem. Here's for Meena-beana. Sorry about the Heidegger non-sense ;)


modules B and C
being functionally related,
by parameters

with no control


stick cohesive
and switch conditional
on site

the strength of bond
not quantifiable,

but by invisible metric,
within the scope
of periphery

existing only by no
direct reference

yet, they persist,
B and C,
iterating through
encoded maybes

likelihoods stacked up
by high