Thursday, June 7, 2007

An Information Architectural Destiny

We hold these truths to be self-evident, which means obvious.
That everything is Everything being connected to everything else…that in fact, there is nothing else, but that everything requires some definition.
A list of definitions will help the matter of is-ness. We define in two ways. Saying what something is and saying what something is not.

Sometimes the lines are ambiguous, but ultimately decisions are made and these each have a ripple effect into other realms of society.

For example, Where do YOU end?
Your fingers, maybe, and your toes. And your hair, at those split ends are you split? Perhaps that’s your answer. And that’s it.
Well, what about your stomach? It’s inside you, right. The food inside it, that came from outside of you, through digestion becomes you, your muscles, your blood. So sometimes you are food. And your lungs occupy the inside of your chest, right. And the air inside them, that came from outside of you, through the alveoli enters your bloodstream. So sometimes you are air.

So where do you end? At the skin? Don’t be silly. What about the air and the food and the drink and whatever else that was?

Or maybe you are like Superman’s outfit, magically indestructible because it was within one centimeter of his body. Do you end one centimeter from your body?
Does the idea that "Any part of you can be taken out of you" scare you? Maybe you’ll say that they can’t take my heart, but you know that’s wrong even before you say it. The heart is an organ with a plastic equivalent. Oh, but they can’t take out your brain and replace it with a new one. Nope, not yet. They can take out most pieces though. Are you a brain stem?
So you are a little self inside of the Big Es Self.

We want to know "How do actions affect the world from the one-person reality?"

My belief is as follows: The way to happiness is (and we all want to be happy, even if your happiness is monastic) BEING fully conscious of circumstance. No man is an island. Let’s say being happy to you, in the small sense, is (the American dream): a family, a car, a home, and money enough to secure food and all the necessities. More specifically, you would want a happy family, a happy home, a happy car, and happy money. Why? Could you be happy when your spouse is crying or your children are screaming? If that is your happiness, then please throw this away and don’t tell anyone about it. In fact, please shut yourself in a cave somewhere, for my sake. Make me happy.
So happiness in the general locale of your being is important for you to be happy. Well, then everything sort of echoes out like rings in a pond and for the people around those other people to be happy, then the people around them have to be happy. And so on. You’ve seen the opposite happen everyday. Some coworker is cut off in traffic while driving to work. So, he’s pissy and takes it out on the secretary when she walks in. Then she sends out an e-mail about how crappy Bob is with a funny photoshopped picture of Bob at the company picnic with devil horns. Then someone ccs it to Bob and he goes home and beats his wife, who slaps the kids, who kick the dog. Happens every day.

Treat your fellow human brother like your arm, like an organ because he is a part of you. And also, something that is not you.

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