Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My Head is Filled with Strange Attractors

Now larger than many grasshoppers stacked on eachother's exoskeletons, I'm reading four books, two of which are delighting me to no end with their interconnectivity - Heidegger's "Being and Time" and a collection of essays (not Heidegger's) entitled "Chaos and Order: Complex Dynamics in Literature and Science." Of course, it wasn't random happenstance that led me to buy these books. My head is filled with strange attractors.
In other words, I (heart) chaos and I am quite fond of Being. Now for the turbulence that sparks creation - But Time and Order are mere consequences. In fact, they might not even exist at all.

Pick a sitting rock and Let's Discuss.

--Christine Rosakranse


Les Gottesman said...

Christine, here's the backstory, only now revealed...

Heidegger’s AM

Coffee breaks
the chain
of neglect
of the problem of being.

Coffee grounds
the problem in ancient inquiries
concerning being not being beings.

Before coffee
what is not sought
is not unfamiliar
though ungraspable, hot,

but after the first shot
everyone understands
“The sky is blue,” “I am happy,”
statements like that.
A white ring mars a dark table.

The problem, the mug
being unmistakable.

--By Les Gottesman,
reprinted from Harper's, July 2007

Chris Rosakranse said...

to les

we aren’t
we just think we are

she couldn’t see
prior belief
when all turned static