Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Definition (Being and Time)

It's not Heidegger's fault, I say. This question of Being started before reading his work, but now the reasoning takes on a new vocabulary. Which what why? At the end of a long and rainy day, I can only question, "What is your product, machine?" I have many answers, but what is the answer?
So if I need an answer, I read a book. I've only just started reading "Being and Time", so luckily I am still in the "forming the question of Being" phase.
And, evidently, somewhat circular reasoning (back and forth) is acceptable in these more rarefied echelons of thought.
One problem I find though is the physical evidence versus the soul, as far as prejudice is concerned, but let me hold on a second to that thought. First the question, I suppose, and then the answer. No good to be too divergent at the beginning, unless all is chaos. And then that would be perfect. After all, am I divergent? And collective, as well?

--Christine Rosakranse

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