Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Effects of Web 2.0 Technology

As we network more and more, sending e-mails and sharing blogs, the threads of connection become more numerous, but are they as strong as prior types of relational connections? Can you really know someone online from a mere profile? It is possible, but the writer must be hyper-aware of their audience and the interaction of the writer's words with their audience's belief systems. Furthermore, the extent to which one can include esoteric references depends on the collective knowledge of their core audience. In this, some cadres collectively adore commiserating over "inside" knowledge. The secret for marketing then becomes being able to relate this sort of knowledge (literature, mathematics, engineering, etc.) to a general audience, combining it with shared knowledge to make it more memorable.
Our collective unconscience and meta-informational systems are merging to a greater extent every year and it is the job of a Web Professional to keep ahead by all means of networking and information gathering available.

To this end: Technorati Profile


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