Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fun with the I Ching

Preoccupation with prophecy always leads to interesting revelations, but how much can a random toss of three coins, six times count in life? More than one would think, especially when combined with your own natural intuition. We ask leading questions when it comes to our own fate and tend to steer it down a path towards epiphany (apocryphal or true is up to debate).

So, I ask the coins (and sometimes the cards) about my near future. Turning 27 with a multitude of possibilities yet before me, I would like a clue as to whether this week, this month, this year is going to be productive in any way. And the answer comes: 8, 8, 6, 8, 7, 7

This string of numbers translates to:
Contemplation of the divine meaning underlying the workings of the universe gives to the man who is called upon to influence others the means of producing like effects.
Thus a hidden spiritual power emanates from them, influencing and dominating others without their being aware of how it happens.

Oh, so that's what that tingling sensation beneath the third rib was....but it continues...

Six in the third place means:
Contemplation of my life
Decides the choice
Between advance and retreat.
This is the place of transition. We no longer look outward to receive pictures that are more or less limited and confused, but direct our contemplation upon ourselves in order to find a guideline for our decisions. This self-contemplation means the overcoming of naive egotism in the person who sees everything solely form his own standpoint. He begins to reflect and in this way acquires objectivity. However, self-knowledge does not mean preoccupation with one's own thoughts; rather, it means concern about the effects one creates. It is only the effects our lives produce that give us the right to judge whether what we have done means progress or regression.
Gentleness that is adaptable, but at the same time penetrating, is the outer form that should proceed from inner calm.

I think I had a lunchtime discussion about this recently. Yes. Interesting.

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