Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Compassion Festival in Telluride

At the CCARE compassion Conference in Telluride there are a great many wonderful insights that have been related to me. One of the most important insights was brought to my attention by Cliff Sarah which involves learning about the Halifax compassion model. This model has three axes including the attentional and affective domain, the cognitive domain, and the somatic domain in order to define compassion. This parallels the approach of Ekman which uses four different dimensions to define compassion including empathy, connection, desire, and the ability to engage in prosocial behavior. Other important insights included the necessity for sympathetic joy, especially in the competitive academic environment, and the ability to gamify compassion through video games and online environments in order to engender that particular trait within a young audience. It is my hope that the following days will provide even more insightful commentary that may help to define and elucidate a direction for future research and compassion and human computer interaction, specifically.

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