Monday, September 10, 2007

Heidegger is much like Cheesecake

I, the ontical me, wanted to create a little glossary of terms in regards to Heidegger’s work. However, instead of being strictly alphabetical, I find a stream of consciousness approach more useful (for the ontological me at any rate).

Ontic: physical or factual existence (actual?); whatever pertains to being generally rather than some distinctively philosophical (or scientific) theory of it (ontology)
Epistemology: branch of philosophy that studies the nature of knowledge
See also: Chaos theory, determinism, causation, stochasticity
Definite Description ?
Ontological: of or relating to the essence or the nature of being; “What is the nature of the knowable things?”
See also: Universals, Substance (What is?)
Qua: the capacity of
*Something which exists is greater than that which is imagined.*
Process Philosophy
{reality indeed,
she said
is becoming}

Hermeneutics: the study of theories of the interpretation and understanding of texts

Exegetic: the elucidation of philosophical and legal texts

To live by multiplication
Replacing ourselves
Until the historic We
No longer exists

We were never,
As now,
We are not

answer to the title: rich and creamy

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